Ultra High Pressure Pumps for Surface Prep

High and Ultra High Pressure Pumps for Surface Preparation

Pumpsets with diesel prime mover having Pressure range  from 100bar to 3000bar are available rental or on sale basis. Also visit, www.falch.com , for more details and variants on high pressure pumps. FALCH has a pumps for all application be it Heat Exchanger Cleaning , High Pressure internal pipe cleaning or high pressure HOT water Oil Sludge cleaning etc. Low-noise pump rentals  with high pump performance and efficiency. The Super Silenced Pumps from Sky operate at exceptional low noise levels down to 60 dBA (at 7metres). Options also include remote monitoring and control with remote telemetry features.

Customer applications include: Pipe cleaning , Surface Preparation , Ship Building, Remote Controlled High Pressure Cleaning, Deck Blaster,  pumping jobs near residential or commercial areas, over-pumping, water companies, local municipality works, emergency sewer repairs, building and construction sites, site dewatering, civil engineering – any pumping application where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum.


SKY Pumps and Falch Company have entered into a sole distributorship and service agreement for the KSA / Bahrain region. This opens new business opportunities and further strengthens strong presence of outstanding service capabilities for SKY Pump. SKY Pumps provides trained and skilled technicians along with UHP pumps to monitor and control for successful completion of projects. Any maintenance or pump performance issues are detected by SKY site agents immediately, often before our customer is aware there is a problem. We then action a solution for example – dispatch an engineer with correct spare parts and then inform our customer that we are on our way. Using this system means that any problems or downtime due to a breakdown maintenance or mechanical failure in pump performance is minimized and down time is reduced remarkably or avoided completely.

Our expert services are available on flexible terms, with pumps for long or short-term hire at competitive rental rates.