Building & Construction

The major concerns and prime importance for main contractors is to avoid construction site delays and subsequent potential financial penalties due to the high ground water levels found in Saudi Arabia, therefore you need a proven and trusted dewatering partner.

In the Middle East we’ve worked with major construction companies, civil engineers and specialist contractors. We hire out the pumps and accessories, provide dewatering installation services, and work closely with our customers to advise on the most efficient dewatering methods based on our long term knowledge of operating within the Gulf. We have a reputation for removing ground water and any water related problems quickly and cost-effectively.

With the broad range of Sky hire pumps fleet together with years of dewatering experience means we offer you comprehensive solutions for both planned and emergency water removal.

We deliver: Deep well pumping for drying foundations, general over pumping, specialist and general well pointing dewatering, rehydration of excessively dry sites, dust suppression, mains boosting, mains testing and mains cleaning, sewage by-pass. We also offer Bentonite pumping services.

Our expert services are available on flexible terms, with pumps for long or short-term hire at competitive hire rates.