Electric SKY Submersible Pumps

With indegenious manufacturing and partnership with major brands we have developed a range of submersible pumps to meet the demanding requirements of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf State customers, drawing water from vast depths, reducing the water table. We also source alternative brands and specifications to always ensure we have the optimal specification available for hire.

Drainage Pumps Sewage Pumps Sky Borehole Pumps

Our electric submersible hire pumps offer both operational reliability and minimal maintenance, for maximum uptime. They deliver hours of unattended operation in even the toughest Saudi environments.

This range is an effective pump hire solution for application sectors such construction, water companies and industrial processing, as electric pumps require minimal maintenance and are submerged within the site to avoid site obstructions within restricted spaces. Electric submersible hire pumps from Sky Dewatering are increasingly being used within these applications.